Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era (Volume 24)

Kevin L. Cope (Ed.)

460 pages
ISBN 9781684480739

1650-1850 publishes essays and reviews from and about a wide range of academic disciplines - literature (both in English and other languages), philosophy, art history, history, religion, and science. Interdisciplinary in scope and approach, 1650-1850 emphasizes aesthetic manifestations and applications of ideas, and encourages studies that move between the arts and the sciences - between the "hard" and the "humane" disciplines. The editors encourage proposals for "special features" that bring together five to seven essays on focused themes within its historical range, from the Interregnum to the end of the first generation of Romantic writers. While also being open to more specialized or particular studies that match up with the general themes and goals of the journal, 1650-1850 is in the first instance a journal about the artful presentation of ideas that welcomes good writing from its contributors.

First published in 1994, 1650-1850 is currently in its 24th volume.

ISSN 1065-3112.

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"Scholarly communities, especially those joined in eighteenth-century studies, can raise a shout (or glass) over the prospect of the annual 1650-1850's future publication by Bucknell University Press. This will provide us with the regular publication and broader distribution of the journal Kevin Cope has so impressively edited for over 20 years (with a succession of good book review editors). With contributions from around the world, 1650-1850 has long been providing essays focused on fields as diverse as art and philosophy and others truly inter-disciplinary. It has carried many special issues on topics like 'Death and Dying in the Early Modern Era.' It has also distinguished itself by including lengthy essays and reviews. While 1650-1850 has always been an important annual for seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth-century studies, its temporal focus is all the more valuable now that so much exciting research is being produced."
- James E. May, editor, 18th-Century Intelligencer, Pennsylvania State University, Dubois

"For more than two decades, 1650-1850 has offered its readers an inspiring example of what a scholarly annual concentrating on interdisciplinary and international topics can be. The work of seasoned scholars appears alongside that of 'mid-career' scholars and newly-minted Ph.D.s, creating a heady variety of approaches and subject matter in every volume. The articles, the reviews, the 'special features,' and even the occasional 'Editor's Choice' on underappreciated books always advance knowledge in large and small ways. Equally important, each contribution is typically written with verve and allusive pluckiness. There has never been anything doctrinaire about 1650-1850, other than an energy to display compelling new work to its best advantage. That Bucknell University Press has committed itself to this exciting annual is a cause for celebration."
- J.T. Scanlan, co-editor, The Age of Johnson, Providence College

"A good read and an intellectually responsible read, a worthwhile component of our literary public sphere that deserves our wellwishes."
- Michael McKeon, Rutgers University

About the book review editor:

Bärbel Czennia is associate professor of English at McNeese Sate University. She has published a book (in German) on novel translations (in 1990) and essays on Congreve and Sheridan translation as well as on nation-building, the exploration of the South Pacific, meteorology, sociability, libertines, female eccentrics, fireworks, animals, world citizenship, and gardening in the long eighteenth century. Her essay collection Celebrity: Idiom of a Modern Era was published in 2013.

About the editor:

Kevin L. Cope is the Adams Professor of English Literature at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. The author of Criteria of Certainty, John Locke Revisited, and In and After the Beginning, Cope has edited a panoply of volumes on topics such as the imaginative representations of the sciences, the iconic status of George Washington, miracle lore in the Enlightenment, and the profusion of information during the Enlightenment. Since 1992, he has edited 1650 - 1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era. Cope is a frequent guest and commentator on radio and television programming concerned with higher education management and policy.

Distributed by Rutgers University Press

EPUB: $150.00, 978-1-6844-8074-6


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