April 01, 2019, BY Christina Masciere Wallace

Go behind the scenes with Bucknell students at the Samek Art Museum in this cool class.

What goes on behind the scenes of an art exhibition, and what does it take to succeed in an art-related career? In Museums, Galleries, Curators, an art history course taught by Professor Christiane Andersson, students develop the skills used by art administrators, educators, conservators, curators and fundraisers.

The University's Samek Art Museum not only provides an outstanding setting for course lectures and discussions —- it also offers students the opportunity to work with museum staff and prepare an exhibition. To better understand the creative process, they even create their own art in Bucknell's printmaking studio. The experience is rounded out with a field trip to New York City, where Andersson leads the class on an exploration of world-class exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

"We've been able to learn about the entire process of putting up a show," said Lucy Donovan ’21, who majors in managing for sustainability. "We've learned everything from proper lighting to hanging the pieces of art on the walls to making sure we're storing them properly at the end." Join Donovan and her classmates as they discover the business behind the beauty of art.