Your Bucknell ID Card

Your BUID Card is valuable. Some may argue it is more valuable than a credit card. You are responsible for the care of your card and must always carry it with you. One needs a BUID Card to take advantage of important resources and services on campus. These include dining, laundry, circulating library materials, picking up student mail, charging at the Bookstore, and accessing recreation activities. Your BUID Card also permits you entry into secure buildings and rooms when necessary clearances are assigned.

Upload your BUID card photo by June 15.

Campus Dollars

Campus Dollars function like a debit card and provide a way for students to use their BUID Card to purchase items both on and off campus.

Your Campus Dollars account is opened with a zero balance when you receive your BUID Card. After your initial deposit, you may begin using your card immediately. Campus Dollars are the only way students may pay for laundry in campus facilities. Campus Dollars may be used at all campus dining locations, but they do not meet the meal plan requirements.

Additionally, some local merchants accept payment using Bucknell Campus Dollars.