B-bill is Bucknell’s official billing method.

Tuition bills are issued in July and December electronically through B-bill, our online billing service. Full payment for each semester is due August and January. Additional statements for personal charges, including bookstore, student health services, and other miscellaneous charges are available within B-bill on a monthly basis during the academic year with payment due by the due date shown on the B-bill statement.

B-bill provides a secure, reliable and convenient way to manage accounts and also pay bills online. It is available around the clock to individuals and their authorized users. Detailed instructions on B-bill and questions regarding billing statements can be found at bucknell.edu/B-bill. You may also contact Bursar Services at bursar@bucknell.edu or 570.577.3733.

2019-20 Payments

  • Your fall semester bill will be available in B-bill on or about July 11, with payment due on or before Aug. 9.
  • Your spring semester bill will be available in B-bill on or about Dec. 5, with payment due on or before Jan. 6.
  • You may receive monthly B-bill statements should there be any miscellaneous charges on your student account. The due date will be reflected on your statement.

For first-year students, the first semester billing invoice will typically include the following fees: tuition, student activities fee, orientation fee, room and board. Your admissions deposit will be posted in B-bill and will be reflected on your first B-bill as a credit. 

Tuition & Fees

See tuition and fee information, along with additional financial information on how, when and where to pay, and where to go to get answers to your questions.