Working On Campus

Working at Bucknell University can be a rewarding opportunity for many students during their time on campus. Job openings are diverse and vary in many different departments across campus. Jobs are advertised in the Message Center and The Bridge (see more below).

Working Off Campus

In addition to on-campus jobs, there are paid community positions with local non-profit agencies in the Lewisburg area. These important service jobs provide Bucknell students wages, practical skills, and valuable work experience while supplying much needed support to local community partner agencies. | Learn more in the Office of Civic Engagement.

Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study program provides employment opportunities for students where a percentage of a student's wages is covered by federal funds with the remainder coming from Bucknell. | Learn more in the Office of Financial Aid.

Documentation You Will Need

If you are planning on getting a job, please have documents that prove your identity and employment authorization. Once you are hired to work, several documents are required before you may begin:

  • Proof of Identity and Employment Authorization — one of the following: passport, foreign passport, permanent resident card
    ---- OR ----
    Proof of Identity 
    — one of the following: driver's license, school ID, voter registration, etc.
  • Proof of Employment Authorization — one of the following: Social Security Card, Birth Certificate

Other Documentation Needed:

  • Bank Account number and Routing number (for direct deposit)

The documentation listed above is used to properly complete a Direct Deposit Form and I-9 form at Payroll prior to the start of your employment. All documentation must be in the original and valid form, as no copies or faxes will be accepted.  To see other acceptable documentation, please refer to Payroll's website

Students are paid on a biweekly basis on Fridays. Direct deposit stubs are distributed to students through their campus mailbox and available on myBucknell. If you have any other questions regarding the student employment process at Bucknell University, please contact the Career Development Center.

Find Jobs, Internships, Externships and On-Campus Opportunities

Students can check out The Bridge to see what specific job opportunities are available. Once you login, scroll down to One-Click Searches and click on Work Study or Campus Jobs.